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Building help

A guide to help you

In order for the end result of the ClickitUp® glass balustrade installation to be the best possible, we have produced this Building help to guide you through the planning, preparation, ordering and installation processes. Each section is intended to be a guide up until you get the glass balustrade that just you want and need.

In the pdf “Building help” for our glass balustrades on ground level you will find information about the substrate, mounting fittings, measurement guide, etc.



Planning for a desired result is key. In the planning phase your need of a glass balustrade is the focus.
Answer the following questions:
1. Is the outdoor area on ground level or balcony area?
2. What is the shape of your outdoor area?
3. Does it blow from all directions, so you need sections with wind protection everywhere?
4. Did you know it is possible to combine height adjustable sections with fixed glazed sections?
5. Do you want to be able to open and close your outdoor area?
6. Do you already have a balustrade but would like glazed wind protection?
7. What is the substrate? Wood, concrete or something else?


Read through our Building help for ClickitUp & CiU Fixed to get information about what is important to consider when planning, ordering and installing ClickitUp® Glass balustrade for ground level.

For preparations concerning the placement of the glass balustrade on balconies or inside an existing glass balustrade please contact us.


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Watch our installation film How to install ClickitUp