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Ground level

Create a wind-guarded glass oasis on your patio, terrace or outdoor seating area

If the outdoor environment is on ground level then the variants ClickitUp® or CiU Fixed should be used. Many outdoor seating areas use our height adjustable glass balustrade as weather protection for their guests, but this type of glass balustrade is just as suitable at home as wind protection around your terrace.

If the wind protection is not needed, CiU Fixed features the same stylish design and finish – a glass balustrade that elegantly frames the outdoor environment. Read more about the different variants of glass balustrade for ground level below.

ClickitUp® – Height adjustable balustrade

ClickitUp® is the original. This height adjustable glass balustrade was launched in 2014 and is the basis of all variants of our glass balustrades.

With ClickitUp® you get practically a clear view. When the wind gets up click up the wind protection. With a single operation ClickitUp® creates the conditions for a varied patio, terrace or outdoor seating area.

Supplementing ClickitUp® with an awning creates a room feel with the possibility to open up or enclose your outdoor environment.

CiU®Fixed – fixed glass balustrade

CiU®Fixed when you need a glass balustrade with a focus both on design and construction. CiU®Fixed is a glass balustrade that can be perfectly combined with ClickitUp® – the height adjustable glass balustrade.

CiU®Fixed – fixed glass balustrade – Can be ordered in the standard size or customised width.

A glass railing – several variants

Our skilled employees are happy to help and draw up your patio, terrace, balcony or outdoor seating with the right variant of glass railing for your outdoor environment!

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