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New urban district with a view across Öresund

In Landskrona, Norra Borstahusen is growing steadily and supplements the old Borstahusen. In 2016 the first sod was turned for the district that has opened many people’s eyes to Landskrona as a place to live.

One of those is Joacim who has settled with his family, in one of the semi-detached houses with a view over Öresund. On the second floor, ClickitUp® creates a wind protected oasis.

Joacim speaks of his terrace with ClickitUp®:
“The difference on the terrace is striking, it is more pronounced during summer evenings as it is now much calmer when the wind starts to get up. It is more pleasant and feels as if you are sitting in an outdoor room, but still with the freedom of not having a roof. A wonderful feeling!”

“Besides insulating outside noise it also works the other way, i.e. from the terrace out towards our neighbours. It’s a job to talk with the neighbours when ClickitUp is raised, which is good!”

Project nameNorra Borstahusen
CategoryNew build Terraced house,
link house, semi-detached house
Quantity13 pcs
LocationLandskrona, Skåne
ArchitectVilhelm Lauritzen A/S
Products in projectClickitUpBalcony